Käsemacher is a company producing cheese and related foodstuffs in the region of Waldviertel (Lower Austria). Founded in 1991, it now comprises 3 production locations: Vitis, Heidenreichstein and Scheutz. 190 employees are currently working for this company. The company gets its milk for production from 60 Sheep- and Goatmilk suppliers. The yearly turnover accounts to 23 million Euros. Käsemacher primarily produces cheese- and antipasti products, e.g. spreads, vegetables and fruits filled with fresh cheese and tuna, different varieties of hard and soft cheeses, other milk products and grilled vegetables. 40 % of the Käsemacher´s products are exported to 50 countries worldwide.



This family business was founded in 1972. It has been operating for 40 years now as a butchery and meat processing plant and currently provides jobs to 430 employees. Quality and reliability are among the leading principles of the company and have proven over time that they are an important base for economical persistence. In parallel, the company takes care to provide a respectful treatment of the animals, also during the slaughtering process. The finished products consist mostly of pork and beef pieces, 60% of which are exported to Germany, Czech Republic, Italy Switzerland, eastern European countries, Korea, Japan, and others. The company also sets a high value on environmental protection. It was awarded the Energy Globe Award for Innovations in the Energy Sektor (2010), as well as the Environmental and Energy Technology Prize of the State of Austria (2015). It also runs a certified environmental management system by ISO 14001.



The company was founded 100 years ago and nowadays is among the biggest slaughterhouses for pigs in Austria. At the moment 45 employees work there. Most of the products are sold in Austria. The entire slaughtering and sectioning process (only for the pig heads) follows a specially developed time plan, in order to provide a positive effect on the meat quality and on the other hand to reduce the stress level for the animals.



The company Gölles in Riegersburg, eastern Styria, was founded in 1950 and produces fine liquors and vinegars. Mainly apples, plums, pears and quince are used for the production. Harvesting times are limited to the period from May to October. Presently 20 employees work at the company. All fine liquor and vinegar products, except beer vinegar, are directly derived from fresh fruit, in lieu of the common practice of using a liquor or vingar base as a starter.
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Sonnentor is an austrian company working in the field of herbs and spice usage. Founded in 1988 as a small local business, the company now comprises a variety of locations in Austria, Czech Republic, Albania, Romania and Germany. In this study, the analysis is limted to only the location of Zwettl in Lower Austria. 246 employees work at this location, half of which are assigned to production, the other half is working in administration. Additionally, 180 farmers supply the company with raw materials. The product range consists of over 700 different products, ranging from teas to honey biscuits. All products are made from 100% organic raw materials. According to the company´ s environmental report, Sonnetor is CO2-neutral, by not using palm oil, using bio-degradeable packaging and by hand-packing their products. The products are also free of artificial flavors and aromas. A subsidiary company processes the biological residues into pellets used for heating within the company. Furthermore, Sonnentor supports environmental and developement projects in Austria and abroad.